No more safety pins

Using this innovative new product eliminates the risk of getting injured or damaging your clothes.

Easy to use

Simply attach one magnet on top of and one beneath your race vest to clamp the race number into place.

100% Durable

Durable, safe and comfortable, you’ll wonder why you didn’t always attach your race number this way.

Multiple Colours

6+ colour combinations to suit all your needs. Pick your favourite or mix and match for a personal touch.

How to use Pinrace

Pinrace – Stays Strong to the Finish

Meet Pinrace, a fastener for the fast. A simple set of magnets that holds your race number in place without the damage and discomfort of safety pins. A little invention that’s so simple and light you’ll never start a race without it. It’s miles – or kilometres, if you prefer – better than the alternative.


Customise Pinrace

Custom Race Number Pins are ideal for your event or team. Personalising your Pinrace Race Number Pins will help you increase brand awareness and boost loyalty amongst your clients.

Pinrace the blog

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