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How do Pinrace® pins work?

Pinrace® pins are made up of two parts, a front and back, each containing a very strong magnet. Put your shirt and race number in between the Pinrace® pins and you’re good to go.

How strong is Pinrace®?

Pinrace® pins have small but very strong magnets that will grip your race number completely in place. Even when tested with very strong winds over a long time, the race numbers did not move.

What kind of magnets are used for Pinrace® pins?

The kind of magnets we use are nickel-plated neodymium magnets, magnetization grade N45, nickel-copper-nickel coated, with a magnetic gripping strength of 1.6 kg per magnet (they preserve their strength for over 50 years). The polarity is north-south.

What are the Pinrace® specifications?

Pinrace® pins are made up of two parts. The front is round in shape and weighs 3 grams. The back part is 1.5 cm wide and weighs just 2 grams. Each Pinrace® pin weighs 5 grams and a complete set of 4 Pinrace® pins weigh approximately 20 grams.

What can I do if one of the magnets come off?

Pinrace strives for 100% customer satisfaction. If you see this happening, or if you have any other issues with your Pinrace pins, please write to us to and a replacement will be sent to you immediately.


Can I get Pinrace® pins in my own colour, print or packaging?

Yes! For higher volumes, we offer the possibility to have Pinrace® pins in your own printing, packaging or color. This can be interesting for events, shops and sponsors who would like to have an original product or premium. If you want to know more about the possibilities, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Where can I buy Pinrace®?

Pinrace® is at present only available directly from us. We are accepting orders here. We do ship internationally, but please note that you may incur additional VAT/duties/customs charges for a shipment to your country.

Can we order custom Pinrace® products for my team?

Sure you can! The smallest amount for a custom order is 100 Pinrace® packs. Contact us at for details.

Do you offer sponsorships?

Not yet but hopefully very soon. If you have an interest in a sponsorship from us, the best thing you can do is to make sure Pinrace® takes off! Tell your friends more about us, family, co-workers and teams.

Can I sell Pinrace® at my retail store or distribute Pinrace® in my country?

We’re thrilled that you like our product and would be happy to work with you! Please contact us at to find out more about our retail information and apply to be a distributor.

I’ve placed an order. When will I receive my Pinrace pins?

Once you’ve placed an order, you will receive an automated email to confirm that your order is being processed. We ship within 3-4 business days after receiving your order. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive another email that includes a tracking number and estimated date of delivery. Domestic orders within the UK usually take 2-3 days to arrive, depending on your location. International orders can take between 2-3 weeks to arrive, and are subject to international customs procedures.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship to many countries worldwide. If your country is stated in the drop-down menu of our order page, we can ship to you. If your country is not listed there, please contact us at and we can check on shipping rates to your location.

How can I pay for the Pinrace pins?

We accept all major credit cards and payment through PayPal.


Do Pinrace® pins irritate?

The back part of the Pinrace® pins have been particularly designed to avoid grating and irritation. The chances of discomfort are very low when used accurately.

Can I use Pinrace® pins safely?

No sharp edges or protruding parts means there is no danger from any related types of injury. However, Pinrace® pins do contain small but strong magnets that in theory can affect the working of pacemakers and other electronic devices. We therefore advise users of pacemakers not to use Pinrace® pins.

Does the magnetic power of the magnets wear out over time?

No – especially with proper use. Avoid exposure to heat above 80º Centigrade, or to strong magnets from other sources. The magnetism of your product will stay practically constant.

Should I keep it away from credit cards?

Our test showed no problem with Pinrace pins when in close proximity to credit cards, even when the magnets were fixed directly to bank cards for some days. To be extra sure, try to maintain a separation of 10cm or more between Pinrace pins and your bank cards.

What about my timing chip?

Our test showed no negative influence on the working of timing tags, as long as you don’t put the Pinrace® pins directly on the actual chip (the very tiny spot in the middle of the antenna). In normal situations, this will never occur as Pinrace® pins are only used on the outer corners. Tests have been done with individual tags. The effect on large crowd events is unknown. In theory, magnetic fields could be disturbed but it is not likely to happen.

What about my heart rate monitor?

Tests have not shown that Pinrace® pins have an influence on the working of a heart rate monitor as long as the magnets are not directly placed on the sensor. Normal use of Pinrace® pins will therefore be no problem, but we advise to test it for yourself before you start running.

Will Pinrace® pins interfere with RFID/RTLS/ANT timing devices?

Prototypes are still being tested but we have contacted a number of timing system companies and for now have not found any timing system to be affected by Pinrace® pins. But we highly recommend not allowing Pinrace® pins to sit on top of the timing device on your race number. While we try to stay current with all the many timing companies, timing technology is changing all the time. If you are a new timing company, please contact us to have a sample set of Pinrace® pins sent to you for testing. If you are a competitor concerned about your upcoming race, please contact the race promoter to enquire if magnets affect their timing system. Many timing companies will allow you to test your bib or chip before the race, so take advantage of that opportunity when you have it.

Why can’t Pinrace® pins be used in conjunction with start numbers which have integrated electronic timer chips?

These systems use inactive transponders which are included in the start numbers and are detected by long range antennas. The inactive transponders get their energy from the antenna’s electromagnetic field. The magnetic field from the Pinrace® pins can interfere with this and so negatively impact the proper function of the chips. During our tests with isolated runners there was no problem with the timing function, but in a large field of runners using Pinrace® pins the timing function could possibly be disrupted.

Will Pinrace® interfere with a pacemaker?

We strongly advise that you seek the advice of your doctor to determine if Pinrace® pins are safe for you. We are more than happy to provide the specifications of our product or any other information that may be useful to your doctor.

I have a nickel allergy. What do I do?

Sorry to say, Pinrace® pins will not work for people with an allergy to nickel, but we are looking into the possibility of alternative materials.

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