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Pinrace Combo for Men: Select tour Pinrace & your T-shirt

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Enjoy a great deal with the PINRACE COMBO!!!

About our T-shirts

Pinrace Running T-Shirt Honeycomb.
Take on your next run in the comfortable fit of this men’s running t-shirt.
Regular fit
Crewneck with self-fabric front part
Honeycomb fabric on back.
Regular fit
100% polyester

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About Our Race Number Pins

1 Pack contains 4 pins, suitable for 1 person.

The new way to attach race numbers to your race vest, ideal for runners and cyclists.

Say goodbye to the hassle of safety pins and hello to the wonder of Pinrace®. Durable, safe, strong and comfortable.

Pinrace® Advantages

No more safety pins
No more holes and damage to your clothing
No more sore fingers!
No rubbing or chaffing
Stays strong to the finish
Works with any item of clothing
Attach front or back
Extremely Light Weight
Pinrace® is made up of two parts, a front and back, each containing a very strong magnet. Put your shirt and race number in between the Pinrace® and you’re good to go.

Pinrace® has small but very strong magnets that will grip your race number completely in place. Even when tested with very strong winds over a long time, the race numbers did not move.

T Shirt Size

M, L, XL

T Shirt Color

Black, Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue, Purple

Pinrace Pins

Black & White, Red & White, White & Pink


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